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U ask me if I love U
It's automatic
Cuz every time U leave me, I die
That's automatic 2

U ask me 2 forgive U
When U know I'm just an addict
So stop the music, baby
U know U're all I wanna do

Just tell me what 2 do (Oh)
I'm so in love with U

U ask me if I'll kiss U
It's automatic
And if U cry, me cry, boo hoo
That's automatic 2, ooh

I would never leave U
No matter what U do
So stop the music, baby
U know I'm an automatic fool

Just tell me what 2 do (Until I stop)
A-u-t-o-matic (Oh)
I'm so in love with U (Oh ooh)

I'll rub your back 4ever
It's automatic (A-u-t-o-matic)
I'll look 4 a needle in a haystack
That's automatic 2, ooh (A-u-t-o-matic)

I'll go down on U all night long
It's automatic (U will?) (Yes I will, babe)
And even when I'm right, I'll be wrong
That's automatic 2 (A-u-t-o-matic)

(CHORUS) {repeat 3 times in BG}
Tell me what 2 do, baby
So in love with U, yeah
Tell me what 2 do, baby
So in love with U, baby yeah
Alright, alright
Tell me what 2 do, baby
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

A-u-t-o-matic {x2}

Come on, baby
Tell me what 2 do
So in love with U

Don't say that no man has ever tasted your ice cream
Baby, U're the purple star of the night supreme
U'll always be a virgin
4 no man deserves your love
I only pray that when U dream
I'm the one U dream of
I pray that when U dream
U dream of how we kiss
Not with our lips, but with our souls
Stop me if I bore U
Why is it that I think we'd be so good in bed?
Can U hear me?
Why do I love U so much?
It's so strange, I'm more comfortable around U when I'm naked
Can U hear me?
I wonder if U have any mercy, don't torture me

Stop the music, baby
Automatic fool!

When it comes 2 U, I'm automatic, baby
There's no one else like me
I'm the best U'll ever find
No one else could understand U
U're 2 complex
They say nothing's perfect
But they don't know U
It's automatic 2
Can U hear me?

(A-u-t-o-matic) {repeat in BG}

Honey, I'm so addicted 2 your pleasure
I'm addicted 2 your pain
It's automatic
Automatically insane
Undress me

A-u-t-o-matic, oh no, no, no, no
A-u-t-o-matic {x2}

Fasten your seat belts
Prepare 4 takeoff

I can dream of how U kissed me
Not with your lips, but with your soul
With U I'm never bored
Talk 2 me some more
I can hear U
I'm going 2 have 2 torture U now



        T-ボズ、レフト・アイ、チリ 歌詞

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love this song     


I like this song.
They are cool.


いい曲だ~!   私この曲で踊れるんです~~  


BENI - Dear Elie


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TLC - Automatic 歌詞


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