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You were Someone,
Who I could talk to if I wanted to,
You're one of a kind,
If one of a kind means that You were the only One,
And I really don't even think I see,
All the things You've done for me,
And I will never forget,
As long as I live,
And even after I'm gone,
Cause then I'll be with You,

You never left me alone,
My sweet Unknown,
So sweet,
Yet so unknown,
You could see,
Right through me,
Sweet Unknown,
Sweet Unknown,
Sweet Unknown,
Sweet Unknown.

(repeat verse and chorus)

You sent your angels to watch over me,
And I feel them,
I never wanted to be further away
Than the length of Your arms,
Show and tell is caving in,
There’s angry feelings from within,
Hold me tight and don't let go of my hand,
Promise me so,
Promise me so,
Promise me so,



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Thousand Foot Krutch - Sweet Unknown 歌詞

Sweet Unknown-Thousand Foot Krutch


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