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Across the night shade, molten rock & glacier
How hesitant you were, and the weary eyes
Fall & interweave the weary eyes
Misery & sorrow of silence
All I can see is withering the passing of time
A declaration of the belligerence of stars

Meditation of destiny , the rage of the storm wind
The silence in the evening haze had slipped away
The agitating trill in the night , a moment of urgency

Reaching out to touch in lonely sky
Stars twinkled in the night , an ambiguous spirit
The burning sea of fire, ambiguous spirit
Misfortune has overturned in the dusk
The great wishes in your eyes, look at each other
My speculation under intense dark

In deadly silent dark night from me to you
Struggle ahead persecuted to death, propulsion
In the unknowingly frightening night , a midnight illusion

Place in a circle over the sky with shining light
To collect the disorderly era for love & implementation
Contrary to expectation, stain in fantasy
I only have a humble mind that longs for love & implementation

Pray for embracing an endless hankering
Nighttime'd take on metamorphosis of this world
The guilty is great & dreariness
Metamorphosis of this world

The drowsy bird's of passage rest by the riverside
Inversion of your destiny for love & implementation
The earth's deep meditation had answered for a while
The sounding echo in the night for love & implementation



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Seraphim - Implementation 歌詞


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