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Don't remind me
That some days I'm a windshield
And other days I'm just a lucky bug
As cold iron rails leave
Old mossy trails through the countryside

The crow and the bean field
Are my best friends but
Boy, I need a hug (Boy, I need a hug)
Cuz my heart stops without you
There's something about you
That makes me feel alive

If the green left the grass on the other side
(I would make like a tree and leave)
But if I reached for your hand
Would your eyes get wide?
(Who knew the other side could be so green?)

Don't remind me
I'm a chickadee in love with the sky
But that's clearly not a lot to crow about
Cuz when the stars silhouette me
I'm scared they'll forget me
And flicker out

I chase honey but I haven't seen the hive
Yeah I didn't look, I didn't even try
But still my heart stops without you
'Cause there's something about you
That makes me feel alive


We are honey and the bee
Backyard of butterflies surrounded me
I fell in love with you
Like bees to honey
So let's up
And leave the weeping
To the willow tree
And pour our tears in the sea

I swear
There's a lot of vegetables out there
That crop up for air
Yeah I never thought
We were two peas in a pod
Until you suddenly bloomed
Then I knew
That I'd always love you
(Oh I'd always love you too)

(Chorus x2)

And if I reached for your hand
For the rest of my life
(Who knew the other side could be so green?)

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Owl City - The Honey And The Bee 歌詞


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