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How many days are your afraid
of turning off?
You'd be amazed how easy
it's been to sleepwalk.
I'm in a state where Ican't tell what's right from wrong
I'm making a face
that I've been holding for far too long.

I'm on the cross
There's nothing to hide when all is lost.
I'm on thecross
A thruth or a lie, which could be worse?

How many days until
I can see that I'm just find?
I try and I try but I jsut need al ittle time
I havn't slept in one month
things just don't seem okay
And every time the sun's up
it's a new yesterday

Drill the pressure right out of my head.
Maybe I'm scared.
Maybe I am
weak and paranoid
When I speak white noise
pours out from my voice.
Every time I move my lips, it tears
your little ears to bits
I'm frozen all the time, a deer in headlights
I'll get to the point
you can't depend on love or truth
to get your through

Do you want me to explain?
Are you broken at the bone?
Do you try and rearrange
a better life,
a bigger home?
So turn off the lgihts
or at least unplug the phone
I'm a threat when I'm left alone
How many days
are you afraid of turning off?
Do you feel like letting go?

It's been a good life, I'll be sad to see it go



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Oasis - Be Here Now 歌詞


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