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If I may, and if I might
Lie me down weeping.
And if I say what it's like,
I might be dreaming.
And if I may and what is right,
Summertime this evening.
The years in his bonnet,
The things from his pocket,
The chains from his knowing life long dream.
Do Re Mi
If I may and if I might,
Wake me up and see me.
If I do and if I lie,
Find me how this evening.
And If I may, cold as ice,
I may have deceived me.
The ways in his socket,
The face from this moment.
The chains from his socket,
Bother me
Do Re Mi.
Wish me good and wish me light,
Finding how seeing.
Is in their may, I just may cry,
Follow may completely.
I'm nowhere, and if I sigh,
Save me how teaming.
And if I may and if I might,
Golden gun to bleed.
Rays in his pocket,
Rays from his wallet.
Chains from his armor,
Am I deep?
Do Re Mi



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固定リンク: Nirvana - Do Re Mi (solo Acoustic, 1994) 歌詞


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Nirvana - Do Re Mi (solo Acoustic, 1994) 歌詞

NIRVANA- Do Re Mi ( Solo Acoustic Demo)


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Nirvana Do Re Mi (solo Acoustic, 1994) PV 動画


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