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[Verse 1:]
Look sucka
This my gun rutter
Street figher bitches
This the upcutter
Numb chucker no time to ducka
Sign of the cross cause this is her last supper
Play with me
Check who came with me
I brought a couple 9's plus the k's with me
Breeze thru queens to check some bad bitches
I stunt so so hard
Assest the damages
Cause this that oh
This is that oh
And yes our body bitches go and get the bandages
Y-y-y-yum yummy fuck you got for me
I hate a phony bitch that front that chum chummy
I meet top shotta drop the top toppa
Big fat pussy with a icey watch

I am your leader
Yes I am your leader
You not a believer
Suck a big dick

[Verse 2:]
When I fly it's one letter and one number
You wack hoes can get hot for one summer
After that the queenll still rain here
I'm santa clause to these hoes without a reindeer
Saint nick ross hey rick
I just got a toy... cost 850
Not I'm in the hood niggas is gettin woodies
Hit up hot topic
Nicki minaj hoodies
I'm-I'm-I'm-I'm-I'm a brand bitch
I'm a brand
Go ta harlem and get cam
It's dipset get yur dick wet
Brought it a big jet
And got a big check
Now you tell me who the fuck is winning
I'm on my russell simmons nicki denim nicki linen

I am your leader
Yes I am your leader
You not a believer
Suck a big dick

[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
Uh jealous niggas is gossip
Watch me tie up my laces
Bitches be jockin
Tell the look on they faces
8 digits I'm clockin
Lotta gold in my bracelet
7 figures on watches
I told my mama I made it
Made a deal for my project
Just gimme 10 mil I'm grateful
I went back to the projects
In 2 mila mercedes
I can here from you later
Have them bill me later
I'm a school with da hustle
Just gave rihanna my page
Heartbreak hotel
I'm in that a rod suite
Rolls royce wood
I'm talkin play off seat
Know that boy busy ballin
I like to play all week
Monday night with the rock
I'm visiting with the beat
Power slammin them hammers
I get you handled for free
So where the fuck is her man
She give me brain while I tweet
DM in the BM you see him the bucket
Cha love it
Motherfuckers on my dick suck it

I am your leader
Yes I am your leader
You not a believer
Suck a big dick

[Verse 4: Cam'Ron]
See the car is european
But got it ported from tokyo
Lookin like a shark
The nose call it pinnochio
Well off wealthy logo
Middle of july but on the wrist on snow flow
Only do the aspens
Ya'll gotta pokanoes
I'm soning you
You my son
5 on the whip
5 on the hip
Live with the poss
Got 9 for the flip
Howl with the bitch
She cry for the dick
Oh my know why
I'm fly as it gets
Now I need a asprin
She says your only cameron
Girlfriend you don't know cameron from nowhere
So don't go tangerin
You just a nail I hammer
Another girl that's on my camera
My name you cannot slander
At all girl watch your manners
She run and tell her mother
I think I love him nanna
Because you sat up on my lap
Nah I ain't sayin a nope
They call me my piper
Oj no glove I knife her
Never be your lifer
Even do right cause why would I fight her
And don't even like her

I am your leader
Yes I am your leader
You not a believer
Suck a big dick
I am your leader
Yes I am your leader
You not a believer
Suck a big dick


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Nicki Minaj - I Am Your Leader 歌詞


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