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Whoa, I was a fool from the start
Fooling around with my mind instead of my heart
I was young and fine and you plucked me clean
Oh but you didn't know that, I didn't know that

You didn't know what I mean

You know you had a brother who thought he was cool
But really, I was a dumb little fool
You said you'd never, never go away
and stay beside me night and day
You said you would love and obey
Well you should, well you should
It can only get you good

I was a dumb little fool
I was a dumb little fool
but I'll never get enough get enough
Enough of that funky stuff
I'm gonna jump back in
Up to my neck again

You always knew that I
wasn't that kind of guy
All the times I thought you knew
well I was busy loving you
What was you afraid to lose
Everybody's got to choose

I don't know if I'm gonna get a yeah or neh
or if I'm gonna do what his honor says

(Too possessive, jealous
She was too possessive, jealous
Too possessive, jealous
She was too possessive, jealous)

But if I decide, baby, what you want
I wanna know
if you would be satisfied
Baby, satisfied
Baby, satisfied
Would you be satisfied

Is that enough, baby
Is that enough
Last you a lifetime
Is that enough
Is that enough
Keep you happy
Is that enough
You know I do it
and I know that you just love
that expensive stuff

You got a flair for style
and the style is all the while
What could I do
The judge said she got to keep on living
the way she accustomed to
She trying to break a man
I don't understand
Somebody tell me please, tell me please
Why do I have to pay attorney fees (My baby's)
Attorney fees (Ooh baby)
This is a joke
I need a smoke
Wait a minute


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Marvin Gaye - Is That Enough 歌詞

Is That Enough - Marvin Gaye


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