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Late nights playin' in the dark
(Desert Storm)
Boy, remember waking up in my arms
[Background Vocals:] "Waking Up"
Boy, don't you know that you're always in my heart
[Background Vocals:] "So Don't Forget About Us"
(The Professional 3! Ha Ha!)

[Styles P:] Please don't forget of the late nights
Says Double O, S-L, all they see is our break lights
You know we get busy like midtown
I need you back, I can't forget, you know we do, now
[Fabolous:] I can't say, if it hadn't been, for the pad and pen
That ain't even matter then, I'm always at it then
But when I think about it
I be gettin mad again
Cause the way we broke up
Was badder than Brad and Jen

[Mariah Carey:]
My baby
Just let it die
With no goodbyes
Details don't matter we both pay the priced
Tears in my eyes, you know sometimes, it be like that baby
Now everytime I see you
I pretend I'm fine
When I wanna reach out to you
But I turn, and I walk, and I let it ride
Baby I must confess, we were bigger than anything
Remember us at our best?
And don't forget about

Late nights playin' in the dark
Boy, remember waking up in my arms (Waking Up)
Boy, don't you know that you're always in my heart (So Don't Forget About Us)

DJ Clue
Desert Stosm

[Styles P:] Please don't forget
The good times, the good rhymin
Talk after sex
[Fabolous:] The walks on the deck
[Styles P:] What about us?
The love and the trust
On the highway
[Fabolous:] Testorosa kickin' up dust
[Styles P:] What about the plans
For the kids and the yard full of dogs
Think of the time
[Fabolous:] Shapar for the fall
[Styles P:] Still look at the phone, pray to God that you call
They say love larger than life, I'd die cause you on
Anita Applebaum, ma
[Fabolous:] You gotta put me on
In this 6, with the chicks, wild'n out, til the morn'.
[Styles P:] But I still can't find myself
Smilin' in the morn'
And I gotta tell myself
I've been wild'n since you gone
Yeah I've got some other chicks
But I ain't got that other nuts
[Fabolous:] Met 'em on the road
Gotta double up the rubbers quick
[Styles P:] They ain't the chicks that I be
Under the covers with
Gotta let you know
That you my only lover, Miss

[Mariah Carey:]
Oh baby they say
That you're in a new relationship
But we both know, nothing comes close to
What we had in perseverance
That we both can't forget it
How big we used to did it
There's only one me and you
And how we used to shine (how we used to shine)
No matter what you go through
We were one that's a fact that you can't deny
So baby we just can't let
The fire pass us by
Forever we both regret
(The Professional 3!)

[Fabolous:] Soon as you hear this song you'll remember
I'm gone 'til Novembre
[Fabolous:] But long that sinner
I'm long as the [? ]
[Styles P:] No you can't forget that
[Fabolous:] Late night
[Styles P:] Chit chat
[Fabolous:] Turned into meet'n out
[Styles P:] Eaten at them with that
[Fabolous:] Don't fall asleep, boo
[Styles P:] Three screws, hit that
[Fabolous:] Break ups, make ups, go to Jacob
[Styles P:] And get that
[Fabolous:] I'm missin' her feel
Touchin' on ya gently
[Styles P:] His and her grills
[Fabolous:] Horn [? ]
[Styles P:] Client's first steel
[Fabolous:] Ridin' on the 50's
Ain't nothin change but the Keys and the Coles
[Styles P:] When I was with you
[Fabolous:] I took it easy on the road
[Styles P:] Coulda dissed you
[Fabolous:] Been on the 4 "C's" gettin' warm
So don't get amnesia
[Styles P:] Baby when we met
[Fabolous:] You was down and [? ]
And didn't have a Visa
I bought you in like Bush did to Condaleeza
Now I gotta brush ya like the waves on the seas-a

[Mariah Carey:]
So don't forget about
(Don't, don't forget about us, baby)
Late nights playin in the dark and
Waking up inside my arms, boy
You'll always be in my heart and
(You'll always, be in my heart)
(I can see it in your eyes, you still want it, so don't forget about us)
I'm just speakin' from experience
(Just speakin' to ya from experience)
Nothin can compare to your first true love
So I hope this will remind you
(When it's for real it's forever)
(When it's for real, it's forever, so don't forget about us)

Late nights playin' in the dark
Boy, remember waking up in my arms (Waking Up)
Boy, don't you know that you're always in my heart
So Don't Forget About Us"

(This is, a Desert Storm Remix!)
(You know how we do things!)
(The Professional: Part 3!)
(Ha Ha!)
[? ]
(The last time was good!)
(You'll see us!)


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Mariah Carey - Don't Forget About Us (desert Storm Remix) 歌詞

Mariah Carey, DJ Clue, Fabulous - Don't Forget About Us, Part 2/Desert Storm Remix


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