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Yea it's Kreayshawn and I'm gonna tell you something so amazing
Yea my fucken mind exploded when I sat and reloaded
Bitch I didn't know what I was totin
But I accidentally shot my self in the face Yeaaa
Erased my shit Yeaaa
No identity when I walk down the street people act like they don't know me
But it's good though cus I don't want you to recognize me anyway
Cus I don't give a fuck I'm from the bay
And if you talking shit then I might just spray
Yeaa fuck this shit I wanna ride an elephant out this bitch and be like Bye
I'm gonna go to Africa or something
Go huntin and come back with some real trees and sell it to your cousin
Yea your cousin she was Asian
Man that bitch was blazin
She gave some amazing ass head in my bed
Won't really join this bed cus I'm chillin at her house waiting for we meet on the fucking couch!
Where is the weed! I'm going crazy
I need some smoke, some trees in my lungs so I can breathe
Yea that shit ain't fucking cool waiting on that shit like I'm waiting to get out of school
Easy dollar sign and young man though
Where's the banjo I'm going kambo
Where's the weed up in my bed by the doors so we can get to run
Bet you forgot the swisher huh man fuck this house up
You can walk to the store and get a swisher and get some donuts and I can get with chaa
Yeaaa and get some munchies Yeaaa
Shit I don't know, I fucken lost it bro
Should I bring it back, I don't know
If I brought it back I might just pull ya ho
Into my whip, girl in the trunk and say fuck you bitch
Fuck you ho you in my trunk now
And I ain't slappin no mo put my hands down
Yea my hands down I got no sound but it's all good cus
I'll be slappin in my bed
Yeaaa swimming in the sea
With skittles around me
Bitch I'm so fucken crazy



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Kreayshawn - Sipping Coffee 歌詞

Sipping Coffee - Kreayshawn


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