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[Intro: Rick Ross]
Yeah this Rick Ross the big boss
Right now you checkin in with DJ Woogie
The muthafuckin king, this some Bay Area's finest
Woogie, play that shit!

"Ay, ay"
"Wassup man? "
"I dunno man, like, we're hella-close friends, right? "
"Yeah man, we're friends... "
"Alright, that's good, cause I mean like... "
"Ay man, your verse is about, like, a lesbian, so... "
"Oh no, I don't know about that... "

"I just wanna be your friend
And we can hang out and smoke weed til the very end
And when it ends, we can roll it up again
Now we gonna be the best of friends, I can tell
We're gonna hang out a lot
Hot box your car in the parking lot
Before we go upstairs, play with each other's hair
And when we're done, we can go
Watch some crazy movies! The time we spend
It really moves me, makes me wanna be your wife
Now that it's legalized...
I don't wanna go home, can I spend the night?
Can we have a slumber party pillow fight?
Can I borrow your shirt? I want to spend the night
Can you show me where you shower?
I think you're really cool, this is how I am
And if you wanna hook up, I'd be down with that shit
But until the time's right, I can be your friend
And we can go out and dance on the weekend
Maybe go to a bar? Now I'm 21
And mob on any bitch who try to say some
Please. The time we spend is gonna be different
Cause of two different lifestyles we living
Until we got back home...

Friends til the end like Child's Play
You can get hit 24/7 smoking lots of haze
What shall we do??
Slow your roll and pump your brakes
I would like nothing more
Yeah I wanna make out
Great night: movies and Chinese take out
Let's break out, we're far away
So I have to get to you, travelling at
The speed of light in a spaceship made for two
Just one way. Vroom vroom!
On the porch smoking dro, moving slow



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Kreayshawn - I Just Wana Be Your Friend 歌詞

Kreayshawn - I just wanna be your friend (Lyrics)


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