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This is part lyrics
Of Shy of the cool when
JLS were formally known at UFO

i cant believe, finally,
shes tryna break out of her shell
She adimant, to accieve
Her worlds her oyster
you would never tell

When shes so friendly. So unsuspected
This girl can walk around School
and be respected
She walks around with a smile not a frown
Goes home and its upside down
Walks through the door ____ creeping
On the side will get her beating

Why oh whys this girl still weeping
Cant say nuttin no cos he feels she cheatin

Shes just a few degrees shy of the cool
Gotta change those rules, yeah (x2)

Verse 2..
I'll find away, is what you said
That phrase still rotates in my head
I sit there, thinking, i must can turn this around

What ya gonna do when the hurt
Turns physical
Sendin u a message when its so sublimina
Walk around with a smile not a frown
UFO is here to break it down




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Jls - Shy Of The Cool 歌詞

Shy Of The Cool- JLS (Lyrics + Pics)


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