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I am your trash man-
Throw out all your trash today-
Clean out your mind today-
Please pass the weed
and please take some heed.
Take your fast glass guns and
throw them away.
There he goes, Hey
I just the Gypsy Bandit.

Gypsy talk-
She has been here 3 times and
the 4th time, she was emptied in from
the mouth of a Bottle.
Seems like I seen you somewhere before-
And her dog named pig had a red
neck shaped just like a cracker
dipped in rot hole.

Address 3rd trash can from the
left. That’s where I’ll be-
Just take all your blues
and throw them at my feet.
-Oh that’s what friends are for.
Yes I sing the blues for me and you.
Let me do changes and come back
and tell you. So it won’t be so hard
when it’s time for you to go through.

Anything is possible after an
embarrassing situation-

And once you take but all that
rubbish and hate and-
load it on my truck.
But don’t make me work late-
I am your trashman-
And don’t forget I also want
to live- not just survive-
I ain’t your Black Slave- Just
because I just might try to
wash out your mind- It’s up to
your friend-
To get up off your rusty behind.

And please pass me the peace weed,
and take some heed-
Throw all that mixed up speed
away- All that dirt is gonna clog and
hurt- man you reach 100 years old in a day-
I am your trashman-
I am your trashman-
I come to keep your houses clean.
I am the trashman-
Take out all your Dirty Blues and
Well when I come around to
collect for the Bill,
that’s when I come around for
my pleasure kill...

I am the trashman
You must have seen me in
your T.V.
I’m here to clean up-
All your hang ups or
come downs, I’m gonna kill...
That’s my duty.
So please don’t try to make
me crawl up no hill.

May I whisper in your ear...
Say something you ought to hear...
Lots of people so dear
they’re getting hurt...


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Jimi Hendrix - Trash Man 歌詞

Jimi Hendrix * Trash Man


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