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I've got a symbol in my driveway

I've got a hundred million dollar friends

I've got you a brand new weapon

Lets see how destructive we can be

I've got a brand new set of stencils

I've been connecting all the dots

Got my plans in a zip lock bag

Lets see how unproductive we can be

I've got a light bulb full of anger

And I can switch it on and off

In situations it can be so bright

I can't believe, how pathetic we can be

I've got a perfect set of blueprints

I'm gonna build somebody else

Might cost a little more than money

But what's man without his wealth?

I've got a phosphorescent secret

But don't you tell nobody else

Next thing you know, the whole world

Will be talking about all the clues they got

They just ain't no use, they've got us fooled



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Jack Johnson - Nice Car, Boy 歌詞


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