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4 score. lotta years ago
Fine aussie lady had a bad bitch
And she grew to be me, fuck a dime Im a dollar
Katsuya lunch, bitch dine at kitana
Rattle. dolce gabanna, diapers killin your expenses
Bottle hermes, bitch if I burp that spit expensive
Wrong... kill a bitch with the heels D.O.A when I step for realz
Rap a ho in hole, this ain't whole its just a drill
Im on the stars Im gone no more more waitin
I know shit ain't fair no chocolate bacon
Raping bars, I know. throw that bitch in jail. give a ho that L
Bout to roll that L. Thomas Westly, Iggy Swelll

Pockets Swell overwieght, Bank obese plenty cake
Ima grind till I erase decent work for decent pay
He might just beats. no, not Dre. I need that love like Christian Grey
TrapGold Queen . you hoes in a corner jet. jet. mansion
In that order Yes... Fuck it, Diplo I need more
Dont need no drank. dont need no smoke. Real white girl, I am the coke
I hang white bitches, I roll wit black bitches
I got them asians and latins in the trap bitches
Oh yeah, you rap bitches? this shit a wrap bitches
My name be climbing up the poles, make it clap bitches
Thought I was gone? Im here for Ten more
Its pronunced Iggy bitch and he is DIPLO


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Iggy Azalea - Yo El Rey 歌詞


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