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[Boy:] How you doin?
[Girl:] I'm fine
[Boy:] Oh, wha-what you doin?
[Girl:] Nothin'
[Boy:] Where are you gettin' ready to go?
[Girl:] To my house
[Boy:] What are you gonna do there?
[Girl:] None of your business!
[Boy:] Who dat boy you like?
[Girl:] *giggles* Wouldn't you like to know
[Boy:] What's his name?
[Girl:] I ain't gonna tell you
[Boy:] I know who it is. That boy that be givin' the girls candy.
[Girl:] I don't know 'bout all that
[Boy:] What's his name?
[Girl:] Look, just 'cause I like Ginuwine, don't mean nothin'
[Boy:] Oh, gosh... Bye
[Girl:] He cuter than you anyway!



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Ginuwine - Little Kidz 歌詞

Ginuwine - Two Sides To A Story


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