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Picture yourself in a river drowning inside your heart
Finding there is no tomorrow only this place that you are
That you are alone in your darkness let your spirit go
When judgement comes it'll lay by the side of the road
By the road
Leaving all the worlds behind it seems so vain to me
Think' bout the past I only see my broken youth
Locked inside a world where only liars seem to live
Not a chance for happiness
His mother's checkered past
Psychologically induced by all the things he'd seen
What the hell is going on inside

Thou shall not give unto life without love
What price for life
For ye shall open the scar of the wound
What price for truth
Thou shall not take from the weaker mankind
What price for youth
Fate begets sorrow the trail of doom
I can see the visions it's emitting from you mind
Dig another grave so I can bury you alive
You're a poison ocean that's been running through the rye
What the hell is going on inside
What price for life
What price for truth
What price for youth


Schizophrenic symptoms of a problem in your past
Handed down to newborn generations to be cast
Take your friend's emotions and dissolve it with a lie
Put your plague to rest when you fall down and fucking die
And the mother cried
And the child cried
And the father replied
I guess I went to far
I guess I went to far
I guess I went to far
Then he heard a voice and it said
"Now it's time to go, your soul is getting cold
I'm gonna leave your spirit dead by the side of the road"
Still the child cried on and on



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Dokken - What Price 歌詞


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