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[Nick Cannon]
Yo lets do this for the grown folks

Broken glass everywhere
We hit the 6 in the mornin like we just dont care
Girl who u rollin to the club with{you}
Girl who u turnin all them bottles with{you}
Girl who u rollin on them dubs with{you}
Girl who u freakin in the tub with{you}
Broken glass everywhere
We hit the 6 in the mornin like we just dont care
Girl who u tryna get smart with{you}
Girl who u rollin them eyes at{you}
Girl who ur girl tryna holla at{you}
Girl who y'all leavin the club with{you}

[Verse 1]
Yo shorty watchu wanna do
A stars up in front of u
All tall lookin wonderful
Carja I gotta few
I gotta few ounce up in Malibu
U would come back the same shade of them things thats around u
All up in the club with thugs like we bad
Addicted to them chicks should be up in rehab
And the ice got em stuck freeze tag
Yo man the myth the Nick Cannon he's bad
But I aint never seen a chick work it out like u
And I aint never seen a chick wear a blouse like u
And I aint never seen a chick wail out like u
The way u pop it drop it mama I think I like u
So come uptown Malibu where the soups hot and blue
I wanna see u move and get a smile outta u


[Verse 2]
All up into woman keep layin next to me
Cannon the kid that make skinny sexy
Sexes hefty and ma's with lefty
Saw a puerto rican mami and she wanna bless me
A chick named Leslie others connected me
He gave her the two-way and she keep on textin me
Im from Texas named Lexas
Shorty only want me cuz she like my necklace
But when Im in town its bed and breakfast
I thought u knew theres a few on my checklist
Girl in the photo-booth with a gold tooth
Danes the truth said her name was Ruth
So I pondered to what she often do
Says she like Proton Boots and Ajam Maju
Respect this dont get it to wreckless
Cuz u could be the next chick on the checklist


[Verse 3]
Now Im up in the V.I.P. just thuggin it out
Flashin like a star u know shinin her mouth
The boys over there tryna figure me out
If they call security they gon get a kick in the mouth
Got hundreds in my hair Jacob on the other
Party's almost over but we can hit another
Tell the Valley to pull up the truck
Shorty such-n-such lets keep in touch
Saw the sun comin up hit the beach or what?
We can eat some brunch mama get in the front
Got ur girls in the back but they aint tryna get nasty
They can get the tax if u ask me



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It's  very  good!!
I  love  this  music!!




Tita nium


David Guetta大好きぃー  








This song is dancing song forever whenever all the generation!!!




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David Guetta - You 歌詞

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