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Here we go
Asi Asi
You ready?

Drop it mami drop it mami
Drop it on me hey hey
Drop it on me (x3) hey hey

Muevete duro (x7) hey hey
Tonight is a special night
To get you by my side
I'll been waiting all week long to get it on with you
Sometimes we hit the floor, dance like we never did before
I'm going to put it on you Boricua style

Drop it mami, drop it mami
Drop it on me hey hey
Drop it on me (x3) hey hey

Muevete duro(x7) hey
Lala,lala,lala,lalala,lalala.... hey hey
Lala,lala,lala,lalala,lalala asi asi.

Let the music take control,
Once we start you can't say no
Move your eyes and follow me and te muestro mi amor
Let me feel all tonight While you whisper something
My hands on your hips to watch you give it all

Drop it mami, drop it mami
Drop it on me hey hey
Drop it on me (x3) hey hey
No es tan complicado dale muevete y ya
Now we go y esta la mirilla think you know
El coco la dia el sicario cazando a la sicaria
Dimelo mama no me lo enseño minimo
Shake it nalga al ritmo mami chiquitira
Muevete duro, muevete duro, muevete duro
Suelte el kron, mas el flow crun kron
Mas caliente mas puertorinn ronnn
Easy hang easy im not busy
Va caer en las manos del borikuisi

Drop, drop, drop, drop...

Drop it on me (x3) muevete duro
Drop it on me (x3) hey hey

Muevete duro (x7)

Este canto es tuyo
Corazon es tuyo
Si quieres que sea tuyo dame amor puro
Asi, asi, asi, asi, asi.. me gusta a mi

Despeje el dance floor
Don´t shake it nalga
Is the way that you shake it
Make it luz brava
Muevete duro
Me shake it hard dame caliente
Baby cause i wanna harder

Lalalal,lalala,lalala,lalala asi asi

Muevete duro (x3) drop it on me
Muevete duro (x3) hey hey


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Daddy Yankee - Muevete Duro 歌詞

Daddy Yankee Ft Ricky Martin - Muevete Duro (ORIGINAL OFFICIAL SONG)


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