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You're waiting everyday
weaseling and watching
you're closer now than you think
your skin is sticky, super slick
you'll touch everything, you'll take anything
you will see.

So fuck you
you understand
you're proud and stupid, you understand me
so fuck you
you understand
you're proud and stupid
you understand me

Your smile, it stinks and rots and fouls
I'm waiting, slippery, eely bitch
it won't be long 'fore my turn
the words they're chosen carefully
like you can choose, you're anything
like the acid in that movie with the alien

it must fun and really appetizing
it must be something from somewhere else
you cannot believe, you really oughta see this guy
your clown sucks, it really sucks
you puke and puke and puke and puke
can we get somebody in to drag this body out

so fuck you
baby fuck you
you're really close
so fuck you
so fuck you
baby fuck you
your really close
you understand me


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Czars (The) - Top Breed 歌詞


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