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[Verse 1:]
Driving down the highway I hear the music up,
A band but I can't figure out where it's coming from,
Look to my right and see a small cafe,
So I pull my car over to hear theband play,

When I see u shaking up to the rythm my body calls,
Like an espanol keeps his amigo...

We start grinding like I've never done before, and then you wisper in my ear baby it's all yours;

U were mine, (u had me saying),
U were mine (girl I'm not playing),
U were mine,
(This ain't no game)
And I didn't know your name, but you were mine, (maybe I was trippin)
U were mine (but I could feel it)
U were mine (At least in my eyes) and I'll never be the same, my heart is going

Whooo oh oh ohhh oh [x4]

[Verse 2:]
Day turns into night, & I'm still in the same place,
But nothing could hold me back, not even a hurricane,
We take a brake to let me catch my beath (huh huh) but it ain't pumped till wer back at it again.



Whooo oh oh ohhh oh [x4]

U were mine!
U were mine!
U were mine!


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Claude Kelly - U Were Mine 歌詞

If you were mine (djkillremix) Claude Kelly


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