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Come on!

Hey! Don't tell us what you want,
Cause we don't give a fuck about you and your kind.
You! You better take a step back where ever the fuck you came from.
No! You ain't one of us and to be tag along you're too ugly and blunt.
Why?! Is it so hard to get that we don't need you, stupid cunt!

If you don't know how to resent one another,
To gain the new way of power,
It'll get to the point where no one gives a fuck
What you may think of us or what you may not.

Stop! Are you ever gonna stop tryin' to be on the way that we wanna go?
Fuck! It's pissing the fuck out of us when you don't understand the word 'no' !
Now, you're tellin' that you'll win the war that's only battled cause you're
Too dumb to die. That's right! You can take your war and shove it up your ass,
Then close your eyes and say goodbye.

If you don't know how to resent one another,
To gain the new way of power,
It'll get to the point where no one gives a fuck
What you may think of us or what you may not.

We're hate crew, we stand and we won't fall...
We're all for none and none for all.
Fuck you! We'll fight 'til the last hit
And we sure as hell ain't taking no shit!


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Children Of Bodom - Hate Crew Deathroll 歌詞


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