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(feat. Slarta John)

Bwoy out a road fi wi name dem a call
Bout dem want fi dis Basement Jaxx after all
When we check it out dem a brain it small
Seven time rise seven time will fall
Dubplate pop out a mash up di dancehall
Crowd de pon di receiving end dema a bawl
Who dem a bawl for
Basement name dem call
True dem play sweet music fi one and all
Di people dem a beg di super DJ fi more
Because dem love di way wi play di hardcore
Dem a jump and shout like a goal jus score
Watch how dem bubblin pon di dancefloor di vibes dem hot and di music wicked
Wi come fi nice up di life weh you live
Jump an shout an tell dem be positive
Live di life you love love di life you live
Some say dem a badman but dema big fugitive
How de fi pop off de gun no want nobody fi live
If dem a badman then nobody should dead
All know dem deh a dem yard with dem bible a beg
But some a fool never know di rule
Dem never did got to Basement Jaxx school
Be we's willing fi teach dem fi a shilling
Make sure he's not di next victim in in a killing
'Cos we have di knowledge we go a good college A+ in a history and home economics
An wi love music that's why wi bust up di garage
If a guy want test wi him dead
Gotta Jump n' Shout...
Got a Jump n' Shout


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Basement Jaxx - Jump N' Shout 歌詞


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